Collection: Guitars

We specialize in Brazilian 7-string guitars here in The Choro Shop, though we do carry other varieties when we find something else of interest. To be clear: 7-string guitars are not the only or necessarily the best guitars on which to play choro and samba. That said, they play a unique role in a Brazilian musical ensemble, and whereas they are fairly common are common in Brazil, they are hard to find here in N. America.

So, congratulations, you just found some! 

Brazilian 7-strings come in two broad varieties, those with nylon strings only, and those with a mix of steel bass strings and nylon high strings. The latter are referred to as sete cordas de aço ("seven steel strings"). We try to have some of both on hand at different price points.

As mentioned above, when the opportunity arises, we may stock other varieties of guitar as well: tenor guitars, Del Vecchio Dinâmicos and viola caipiras, for example. So whatever your interest, browse away, and let us know if you have any questions.