About Us

The Choro Shop is the retail wing of Choro Camp New England. Both exist to serve one overarching goal: to make it easier for musicians outside of Brazil to get into choro and related Brazilian musical styles.  

Choro Camp provides in-person access to expert instructors and to other avid students of the genre – folks to learn from; folks to play with. The Choro Shop offers you tools and resources that may be helpful, including many that are hard to find elsewhere in North America.

The products you see here in the Choro Shop are sold online throughout the year and in-person at Choro Camp, which is held in Northampton, MA annually in late June. Either way, we're happy to help you find your way into the roda (which translates as "circle", and is used to refer to a choro jam session.)

The roots of choro are so deep in Brazil that the music can flower anywhere. Even in your home town; even in you.

Andrew Lawrence

Andrew Lawrence is the founder and director of Choro Camp New England and the Choro Shop. He is an avid student of cavaquinho and fan not only of choro, but of Brazilian “música popular” more broadly. Outside the roda, Andrew offers classes through Community Guitar and produces another annual music camp, Django in June.

Adam Bahrami

Adam Bahrami builds and repairs musical instruments in his shops in São Paulo and Boston, specializing in Brazilian stringed instruments from a diversity of traditions. A leader in the construction of the innovative 5-string rabeca (the Brazilian fiddle), his instruments are played by top musicians, including Ricardo Herz, Maísa Arantes, Bruno Menegatti, Vanille Goovaerts, and Jeferson Leite. Adam has developed custom string sets for the majority of Brazilian stringed instruments, which are sold under his own labels, "RABECA SÃO PAULO" and "DINÂMICO SÃO PAULO".