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JB 7-String Guitar (nylon strings), Cutaway, 2006 (SOLD)

JB 7-String Guitar (nylon strings), Cutaway, 2006 (SOLD)

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We rarely see these JB 7-string cutaways for sale and, beyond that, this one has two other things going for it: (1) it is in very good condition (some play-wear on the top) and (2) it is from our favorite era of João Batista's work.  If you want both the deep resonance of that low 7th string combined with unencumbered access to the highest notes on the guitar, try this 2006 JB. Note: even the best of JB's guitars sometimes show up in the shop with mediocre tuners and that was the case with this one, so Adam installed a new set of German Rubners. 

Top: European Spruce
Back & sides: Indian Rosewood
Neck: Cedro Rosa (Cedar))
Fingerboard: Brazilian Rosewood
Nut: bone
Saddle: bone
Scale length: 650mm
Nut width: 60mm
Body depth: 95mm
Widest body width: 377mm
Finish: PU
Tuners: Rubner
Pickup: no
Case: AMS hardcase
Strings: Dinâmico São Paulo 7 cordas (nylon)
Condition: some play-wear/scratches on top
Notable work: tuners upgraded to Rubners.

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