Here in the Choro Shop we specialize in those hard-to-find Brazilian instruments often used in rodas de choro and samba: 7-string guitars (violôes de 7 cordas), cavaquinhos, bandolins and pandeirosWe also offer a selection of rabecas (Brazilian fiddle) used in playing forró and other styles of Brazilian folk music. You'll find a link to a collection of each of these below.

We make these instruments available for purchase online throughout the year and in person at Choro Camp New England, which takes place annually in late June.

You have 3 full days after receipt to enjoy the instrument and decide whether or not you'd like to keep it. 

Shipping rates will be visible here on the site if you are purchasing from within the 50 contiguous US states. For shipping elsewhere, please contact us by email ( and we'll quote you a custom shipping rate. 

Choro Camp New England

The Choro Shop is where you can acquire some great tools.
Choro Camp is where we learn to use them.
And do.