Collection: Books

Welcome to the Choro Shop bookstore! If you know exactly what you're looking for, skip this and go get it. If you're not so sure and find the selection a little daunting, here are a few comments and pointers:

First off, always remember that you cannot learn to play choro by reading. The written page can be a starting place, or a reminder, or a saving grace when someone calls a tune you don't know in a roda. But you can only learn to play choro by listening to choro and studying how masters of the genre, both accompanists and soloists, really play. And no two masters play these tunes exactly the same. 

That said, here's a quick overview of our library at present:
  • The most useful all-around reference books here are the three volumes of the "Choro Songbook" series, edited by Almir Chediak. They include most of the tunes that are likely to be called in a roda (and many that are rarely if ever called, so don't worry if it looks like a lot!) Available individually or as a three-volume bundle.
  • "Tocando com Jacob" (Playing with Jacob) is a book/CD set that can be used by soloists as backing tracks and by accompanists to hear, and study, what Jacob's master accompanists were doing.
  • Pixinguinha, Jacob do Bandolim and Waldir Azevedo are among the best-known choro composers. If you already have the Chediak books and want to dig deeper into their works, dig here.
  • We also have collections of compositions by Garoto and Juventino Maciel. These are likely to go out of print, so get them now if you have an interest.
  • The two volumes of "Choro Duets" offer a great way to both build repertoire and study Pixinguinha´s counterpoint in his recorded performances with Benedito Lacerda.
  • Mike Marshall's "Brazilian Choros" has been the intro to choro for many a mandolin player. A solid collection of well-known tunes.
  • Bass players, check out "The Bass in the Choro Jam Session." It has gotten great reviews by the people we know who've worked with it.
  • For those who'd like a glimpse at the musicians behind the music, check out Julie Koidin's, "Choro Conversations".