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The Bass In The Choro Jam Session by Marcos Paiva

The Bass In The Choro Jam Session by Marcos Paiva

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In contemporary performance of choro, the bass lines (or "baixarias") are most commonly played by the 7-string guitar. Inspired by the genre's rich history and potential, and working from his own experience in rodas over the years, Marcos Paiva has translated the concepts of the baixaria to the electric and double bass. His book, The Bass In The Choro Jam Session,  offers a new technical and aesthetic approach to choro for bass or, for that matter, any other instrument in bass clef. In addition to offering historical examples and theoretical know-how, this book serves as a profound but easy-to-use practical study: 25 examples accompanied by play-along tracks to help you get ready to join the roda.

Here's a short video introducing you to the work by Marcos Paiva himself:

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