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Choro Duets - Pixinguinha & Benedito Lacerda Vol. 2

Choro Duets - Pixinguinha & Benedito Lacerda Vol. 2

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By Mario Sève and David Ganc 

This book/CD set fills a historical gap and makes for a fascinating study for any student of choro. Working from original recordings the authors transcribed both the melody as played by Benedito Lacerda on flute and Pixinguinha’s tenor sax counterpoints.

The twelve tracks were recorded in full and in play-along versions without the flute (melody) and tenor sax (counterpoint.) For this second volume twelve songs were selected, including compositions by Pixinguinha and Benedito Lacerda as well as the works of other authors: Aguenta seu Fulgêncio, André de sapato novo, Atraente, Cheguei, Cochichando, Displicente, Ele e eu, Língua de preto, Matuto, O gato e o canário, Só para moer and Urubatã.

Scores in C, Bb and Eb.

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