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4-string rabeca, Valério Bizunga (2022, Olinda, Pernambuco) -- SOLD

4-string rabeca, Valério Bizunga (2022, Olinda, Pernambuco) -- SOLD

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VALÉRIO BIZUNGA is a top rabeca maker from the current generation of builders.  His shop is based in the old colonial city of Olinda, next to Recife in Pernambuco.  Bizunga’s instruments are inspired by the local traditions of forró de rabeca, with some influence from modern violin making;  the result is a rabeca that mixes a traditional voice with contemporary functionality.  This rabeca is loud, stays in tune, and is easy to play.  Bizunga’s instruments are used by rabequeiros throughout Brazil and he has a waiting list for new instruments.  This rabeca also has a beautiful, decorative pyrography (wood burning) motif on the top. 

  • top, back, and neck woods: cedro rosa (spanish cedar)
  • side wood: jenipapo
  • tailpiece and fingerboard woods: imbuia
  • bow: original bow, with fishing line bow hair
  • tuning: DAEB cavalo marinho (low to high)— or, can be set up in other tunings
  • extras: professional setup, Wittner fine tuners, and Rabeca São Paulo strings (DAEB nickel)
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